Economics 5 steps to building Human capital
Updated: 11/23/2020
Economics 5 steps to building Human capital

Storyboard Text

  • 1. The starting point: aptitudes, interests and aspirations
  • 2. becoming qualified: Education, certification and licensing
  • yay college
  • 3. Gaining work experience and on the job training
  • I'm interested in sports management because i like sports and this topic interests me.
  • increasing persoanl producitviy: efort and high standards
  • lets work!
  • I would need to attend college and get a degree in sports management or sports administration.
  • Building a personal professional network
  • internships with local sports businesses.
  • Landing my dream job
  • hey bud
  • hey pal
  • i will be working all the time to show my hard work and be very productive
  • i would make connection with a lot of people and get my name out there to establish myself in the industry
  • i landed my job as a in the sports managment feild