Mike and Laura's amazing love story.
Updated: 7/16/2020
Mike and Laura's amazing love story.
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This cartoon tells the incredible love story of a young couple, who despite having very different cultures and stigmatizing each other, know how to leave these differences behind to live a beautiful fairy tale.

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  • How scary,Pablo Escobar was from there
  • My name is Mike. Are you from around here?
  • Hi baby what's your name?
  • Hello, my name is Laura,and you?
  • Por qué todos creen que Colombia solo tiene drogas?
  • No, i'm from Cali Colombia.
  • Excuse me, it was not my intention...
  • Don't look for me again!!!!
  • Hi, i'm sorry, have you seen a beautiful girl called Laura?
  • No, i'm sorry
  • I know her
  • Mike is a young lover of the party, who one day in a disco, he found a very beautiful girl, with whom he fell in love immediately. The beautiful girl was called Laura and she was an exchange student from Colombia, who loved to dance.
  • To the airport please!!!!
  • Wait for me Lauraaaaa....!!!!!
  • What are you doing here?
  • The conversation had started very well, but Mike, knowing that Laura was from Colombia, immediately linked this country to drugs. This fact caused Laura to get upset and run from the disco.
  • But, i'm going to my country!!
  • Forgive me my love....
  • After several days, Mike did not get Laura out of his head, he missed that beautiful smile she had . So he decided to search many universities, until he found his beloved.
  • Wow, this is Colombia?
  • Welcome to Colombia... END.
  • Yes my love, i told you it was beautiful
  • After asking many people without having an answer, a young woman claimed to know her and told her that Laura had just gone to the airport. This caused Mike to head there quickly.
  • Where am i taking you sir?
  • When Mike arrives at the airport, he immediately searches for the plane Laura was on. When finally finds her, he asks for a second chance. Laura seeing this situation accepts.
  • Well i'm going with you, i want to know Colombia and be with you...
  • Finally, Mike decides to travel to Colombia with the love of his life...THE END.
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