The Boston Tea party
Updated: 1/21/2021
The Boston Tea party

Storyboard Description

My story is about The Boston Tea party it really wasn't a party it was a group of people

Storyboard Text

  • On a night of Dec.16 1773 Samuel Adams led a group and mans dressed as Americans Indians.
  • The British taxed a lot of things and also their favorite drink-tea
  • The colonists refused to buy the tea ,and the British East India company was losing money.
  • They boarded three ships and dumped 342 crates of tea into the ocean!!!
  • We need to force them to pay taxes!
  • Where losing money
  • We´re not buying tea!!!
  • The British East Indian company lost a large amount of money. King Gorge and Parliament ,were furious. To be continued......
  • The Sons of Liberty met in Boston in 1773 to go protested against the law