Weaknesses of the AOC

Updated: 10/6/2021
Weaknesses of the AOC

Storyboard Text

  • The Government could not tax
  • fix the roads
  • We can't because we don't have money. You won't pay us so we get no money.
  • The states could tax each other
  • We can't afford to
  • but then we won't make any money
  • The government could not enforce the laws
  • Hey you're breaking the law!
  • Who's going to stop me
  • Because of this they had no money and could not help the country or get an army to protect it.
  • Each state could make their own money
  • But that is so much, We can barely afford this
  • Here it is worth $35
  • The result of this is they would all stop buying from each other and they don't make money.
  • Laws needed approval of 3/4 of the states
  • This results in people not following them and that causes problems.
  • Any change to the AOC had to be approved by all 13 states
  • we have to change the AOC to fix this issue
  • no because _____
  • This caused the states to all have different worth on money and anyone buying from a different state would have to pay that which is confusing.
  • This could cause them to not agree on things often and they would get mad at each other.
  • This means they would rarely ever change it because it would be very difficult to get everyone to agree, so it would be hard to solve the problems they have.