Geology Project
Updated: 12/10/2019
Geology Project
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Storyboard Description

Gary and Gilbert learn about earthquakes, since Gilbert failed geology.

Storyboard Text

  • Gary and Gilbert Learn About EarthquakesBy Phoebe Ham
  • Ew. What happened in here?
  • Looks like there was an earthquake in here.
  • You can’t joke about that Gilbert! Earthquakes are very serious.
  • I know... Wait, what are earthquakes again? I failed geology.
  • Well, earthquakes are when tectonic plates brush against each other and create really dangerous situations.
  • Like tsunamis, for example. You have to be careful on beaches.
  • How’d we get outside? And to the beach?
  • Magic. And we can’t forget about earthquake safety!
  • Make sure to take cover if an earthquake happens at home.
  • For example, we could hide under this table.
  • How’d we get into my mom’s house?
  • Well, that’s all for now! Say bye, Gilbert!
  • Where are we now? Is that a huge rainbow?
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