Beyond Minimum Project:1
Updated: 2/8/2021
Beyond Minimum Project:1

Storyboard Text

  • What did you think of school today?
  • Well I thought what we learned in physics was interesting, even though I didn't really understand it.
  • How is that possible that you liked it but didn't get it?
  • Well I think it's really cool that we are learning equations to solve things like acceleration or average speed and more!
  • What don't you get? Maybe I can help?
  • Oh thanks!
  • Well that depends on the problem, but for example if it says at rest or any words like stopped it means that the velocity or speed is 0 m/s
  • Well my first confusion is how to draw the diagrams? Like how do you know what to draw?
  • Well that helps but how do you know where to write it?
  • Well first you have to know all of the symbols, like the symbol for initial and final velocity, average velocity, acceleration, change in time, final and initial position, they are a lot but once you got it down it's easier to make an accurate diagram.
  • Well I think I remember those. ∆t is change in time. Vi is initial and Vf is final velocity, Xi is initial position, and Xf is final position, oh and acceleration is a.
  • Perfect, but do you know what they all mean?
  • I think so!