Updated: 5/8/2020

Storyboard Description

In this storyboard, the youngest of the two characters start to ask questions about the world there are living in to is friend. In the first case, he discover than the governement ordered to all the people to be similar. In the second case, he discovered that an environemental disaster happened few years later. In the third case, he discover than governement's robots took control of the world. In the fourth case, he learnt that the governement's opponent are murdered. In the fifth case, he learnt that peoples who disrespect orders are thrown in jail. In the sixth case, he is very sad and think is life is over, but is friend tell him to fight for is life

Storyboard Text

  • Why are we all similar here ?
  • We need to revolt !!!
  • Why do we have to be similar ?
  • It's not a good ideabut we can at least try
  • It's an order from the governement
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  • Why is the sky grey ?
  • It's the environemental disaster which happened few weeks ago
  • Robots created by the humans took control of the world
  • Hurry up, slave
  • Because of the entire control of the governement on the society, loads of peoples died
  • Since this day, there is no more Freedom, and the opponents of the governement are thrown in jail
  • I think it's the end...
  • No, we need to fight for our lives !!!