To kill a mockingbird
Updated: 2/10/2020
To kill a mockingbird
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  • Scout, Jem, Atticus notice a fire
  • Let's go we have to wake everyone come on Jem
  • We have to to wake up the nieghbors i think someones house is on fire.....
  • Oh no i hope know one is hurt lets go wake everyone up scout
  • Scout wait up
  • Getting all the nieghbors out there houses
  • oh god i wonder whose house is on fire hope nobody has gotten hurt
  • Hey whats all the noise for
  • Is everyone ok
  • Wait isn´t this Mrs Maudie house is she ok
  • As me and Jem arrive at the house oin fire
  • it is lets go find her i hope shes ok come scout
  • CRYING SOUND!!! My house >>>>>>
  • As Jem and Scout her a Boom!!!! sound we run fast outside we found out there´s a house on fire . 
  • Mrs Dubose are you ok come on Jem i found her
  • This house was old anyway now i could buy a new house finally
  • Jem and I start to approach everyone close to us in Maycomb to wake up and move away from fire we knocked There´s a Massive fire .
  • Scout im so happy that Mrs Maudie is ok even thoo she just said she doesn't care
  • Yeah im so glad to but lets go home it really late come on scout
  • We all approach the Massive fire an hope everyone made it out safe and think isnt this Mrs Dubouse house OH NO
  • Now that were home safe and sound lets go to bed Wait scout did you go outside with that blanket ?
  • Wait a minitue did not bring a blamnket with me how did that get there
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