Updated: 9/15/2021

Storyboard Text

  • Hello and welcome to CAUIFELLE
  • What the client asks us is to create a space for social recreation !!
  • Wow, if that is a difficult project, the good thing is that we are only investors and we support the firm with the economic factor
  • Architect I come with the idea of ​​creating a project that supports the community and that is vernacular architecture.
  • Wow! I've been designing all day and trying so that the project doesn't just solve the client's problem.
  • Good social architecture must help citizens
  • Hello !, my name is stephy, this is the story of my CAUIFELLE office. Join me to see how my company is socially responsible, my processes as well as the added value that we have as an office.
  • Thank you supplier, for bringing us the vernacular materials to be able to build this urban park.
  • Thank you architect for choosing a vernacular building system. I work for us and help the environment.
  • On Thursday, December 2, we had an important meeting with the shareholders and the client of our firm. (Internal company process)
  • Good afternoon citizens, I am Governor Manuel, as a representative of the state, I officially open this park
  • I hope the governor has noticed that the added value of the office is our vernacular architecture
  • It is a governed honor, to be able to be the author of this project. Thanks
  • As the days go by, the architect director of the office is in the design process to solve what the client requested. (Internal company process)
  • In a mixed-use space, it is essential to reduce violence and increase the quality of life of citizens
  • In the urban environment where the social project will be built, it is where the suppliers of materials come to supply the masons to be able to build vernacularly (External process of the company)
  • In an architectural firm, the approval of the government or the state is needed to ensure that our projects give something to the community and comply with the construction regulations. (External processes of the company)
  • In architecture, an important factor or group of interest is society, all our work is for them and for their well-being.