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Updated: 4/7/2021
Unknown Story

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  • Mariam didn't want to go outside because she knew Nana was outside sitting under a tree and didn't want to talk to her because she knew she would make her feel guilty for making the decision of going to Harat for her birthday gift. Instead, Mariam sat inside drawing elephants repetitively in one stroke to pass time.
  • Do you know where Jalil, the cinema's owner lives?
  • Mariam was waiting for Jalil at the exact spot they agreed to the day before today. She knows he is a businessman so she predicted something must have come up for him so she waited patiently by the stream.
  • After Mariam waited a while for Jalil, she decided to roll up her dress to her knees and for the first time in her life, she started to walk down the hill for Herat.
  • Once Mariam got to the village, she went up to an older man to ask if he knew where Jalil lived. After he asked if she was from Harat, she said no and he told her he would take her.
  • Climb on. I'll take you.
  • Mariam rode with the man to Jalil's house in silence. She was able to observe the herb shops and open-fronted cubbyholes where shoppers bought oranges and pears, books, shawls, and even falcons.
  • Mariam arrived at Jalil's house after the man dropped her off. She knocked on the door, and a girl answered it wondering who she was.