Economics strip
Updated: 2/7/2020
Economics strip

Storyboard Text

  • Like if you wanted a news paper you would have to give the news man a dollar, But if that news paper was scarce it would be 2 dollars because the demand of how many people want it. Your opportunity cost would be your opportunity to buy the local 50 cent version.
  • Economics is kinda like the process to get what you want.
  • This is what you use to get the things you want. You essentially get money for your time, like working or doing a service.
  • A "dollar" is what we use in Americas mixed economy other places have different currency like pesos, or yen. A mixed economy is free to anyone, but with government regulations. Almost a "Market economy" where there is no government regulations.
  • Trading is giving something the other person wants, for something you want.
  • In Jail instead of money inmates will trade fro what they want.
  • This is often seen in "Traditional economy's", poor places, old places. Other country's have jail like systems called "command economy's" that are all government controlled.