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creative story english
Updated: 12/5/2018
creative story english
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Storyboard Text

  • Coyote was determined to be the fastest animal in the forest
  • He challenged frog to a race and beat frog
  • He challenged bear to a race and beat bear
  • He challenged Rabbit to a race and won that race
  • Eventually he decided to challenge Deer. The rest of the forest was annoyed at Coyote because he kept bragging about winning. So they decided to help Deer win.
  • Deer agreed to the race as long as if Deer won, Coyote would no longer eat Deer's children.
  • During the race, there was a fork in the road. An owl came down and told Coyote "The left is full of obstacles and leaves and overgrown roots, but the left is even and there are no obstructions in the road, but-" Coyote didn't bother to listen and took the right path.
  • Deer had anticipated that Coyote wouldn't let Owl finish what she was saying. While the left path was full of obstacles, it was shorter than the right path. The right path was winding and took 4 times as long to go through.
  • So to this day, the population of deer has grown due to Coyote not eating them after losing the race he had against deer.
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