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Updated: 3/27/2019
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  • ya!
  • 2019 liftoff, a success!
  • Good Luck!!!
  • Folks, I am proud to say that.. WE HAVE A LIFTOFF!!!
  • woo
  • Hope they finish!
  • When we are in the space ship, everything is floating because of the different gravity level. 
  • In our space/science room everything floats in the air so when we need to do an experiment we velcro things down. Sometimes we velcro them down anyway so that the do not fly away.
  • This is the room that we sleep in. We sleep on the walls in a sleeping bag so we do not drift away. We also have a bunch of test tubes and experiments velcroed to the walls. We sometimes do research in here as well. It is really fun.
  • We eat here. We have to have the table sideways and the food is really hard to eat. The table is sideways because the gravity will pull it upwards so that we will not be able to eat. The microwave is what we use to put our food in, to heat it up and make it.
  • Our mission was to put the American flag on the moon for the second time to show that we were here again.
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