Updated: 10/12/2021

Storyboard Text

  • Hello my name is Matilda and this is my favorite place, my biggest dream is to launch a yellow balloon to the sky, to ask for my freedom.
  • This is the family business, built by my father, in which he died.
  • coffee shop
  • Why you don't let me go to my friend's funeral? I do not understand.
  • Matilda's friend, Polly, had died, but her mother wouldn't let her go to the funeral.
  • Because they say that there is a disease that is contagious.
  • Yellow fever came back to Philadelphia, you better get out of town.
  • The grandfather was with a lawyer and a merchant when a doctor interrupted them saying that the yellow fever had returned.
  • Matilda found her old friend Nathaniel Benson, they talked a little about everything, then they found her mother and grandfather, when they received an invitation to have tea with the Ogilvie.
  • Matilda and her mother go to the Ogilvies' house, but they were only invited because the rest left town due to yellow fever, later, Collet, the eldest daughter, faints and her mother realizes that it is due to fever.