Cut down or Replant
Updated: 11/23/2020
Cut down or Replant

Storyboard Description

This is a story about a mother explaining why more trees should be planted in their neighborhood. Explaining the process of Trees and how they help us. Sarah- Mother Mika-Daugther Milo-Son

Storyboard Text

  • Cut down or Replanted
  • Why is it important to plant trees, in your neighborhood
  • Is that seriously even a question we have enough tree's why would we need more 
  • *SCREAMS MILO'S NAME* Hey Milo I have a question for you do you think more trees should be planted in Hyde Park?
  • You're actually wrong about that Milo
  • Wait Mom, how are trees helping us?
  • What How?
  • Ok, guys sit down I'll tell you guys a little story
  • Woof.. *BARKS*
  • Ok!!
  • See Tree's do a lot for us actually, not only tree gives off cool air but it gives us oxygen that's how me and you are breathing
  • Wait Really...
  • See here in Boston over the summer like right now we have something called Heatwaves, which is why we're outside right now