Updated: 6/2/2020

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  • I don't like it wen you read over my shoulder, okay?
  • Stanley sat down and one of them asked how he ended up there and Stanley said by stealing a pair of shoes and they all laughed at him. Then Stanley said he "they belonged to Clyde Livingston." and they just laughed again
  • Zero walked in on Stanley writing to his parents, and Stanley turned around am felt a so on his neck and said "I don't like it when you read over my shoulder, okay?" then zero said nothing.
  • hey, ill try to teach you if you want.
  • sure!!!!
  • Zero is now digging his hole and 1 hour of Stanley hole out there because zero has no one to write to so they are just going to learn to read.
  • squid found sunflower seeds and he eat some the gave t to zigzag the he tossed it to Stanley and they fell. then the truck was coming and they tried to get them back in the bag.Mr. Sir got out and saw two seeds on the bottom of Stanley hole zero took the blame for stanley.
  • after they both got done digging their holes they started to talk then zero was about to leave then stanley said "Hey" and continued to say " "I'll try to teach you to read if you want" and zero was really happy to hear that,then they started to get to work
  • Stanley and zero are at there new house watching the super bowl and they living with Clyde Livingston.