Ryans Project
Updated: 11/16/2020
Ryans Project

Storyboard Text

  • 1) Macrophages encounters, eats a pathogens floating in the blood.2) Macrophages then preset an antigen.
  • antigen
  • macrophage
  • pathogen
  • Helper T
  • 3) Helper T call comes and connects to the Macrophage.4) Helper T cell can now activate the B cell
  • helper T
  • 5) You can connect the B cell to the helper T
  • B cell
  • 6) This is a plasma B cell. It can shoot antibody at pathogens to tag them so the macrophage can eat it.
  • 7) After the Plazma B Cell tags the pathogens, the macrophage comes and eats it.
  • pop
  • 8) after the infection is gone, a memory B cell comes in and remembers how they fought of the bacteria. That way if you get the infection again, you will not get symptoms or not get them for too long.
  • Poof
  • MemoryBCells