The Triangular Trade
Updated: 2/19/2021
The Triangular Trade

Storyboard Text

  • The Boat
  • The Town
  • The Work
  • These men are on there way to the Americas to deliver SLAVES.
  • The Spoils
  • The slave trade helped fuel what was known as the TRIANGLE TRADE. Although the only part of the Triangle Trade that directly involved transporting Slaves was called the MIDDLE PASSAGE.
  • The Return
  • Slaves were used to gather raw materials to send to countries in Europe, this process is called MERCANTILISM and this is how the countries in Europe acquired more wealth.
  • The Cycle
  • This process of slavery and COLONIZATION is how the countries in Europe were able to improve their ECONOMIES, and acquire more wealth.
  • The men are back on their way to Africa to repeat the cycle yet again.
  • For better or for worse this cycle is what built the foundations of so many of the great countries we can see today.