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math cinderella
Updated: 3/26/2020
math cinderella
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  • Cinderella, get up! The twins have 2 hours to get ready
  • Camila locked the door with an alphabetical lock which requires a 3 letter combination. If each attempt takes 10 seconds how many different combinations can I try in an hour?
  • There are 26 letters in the alphabet so...26C3 would be 2,600 combinations possible. In an hour there is 60 minutes and every minute there is 6 combos done. 6x60=360. I won't be able to finish in an hour so I will ask Camilla instead.
  • Cinderella is sleeping and her angry stepmother, Camila storms into her room demanding that she irons the twins clothes for school.
  • Emma has 5 shirts, 4 skirts and 7 pairs of shoes. There are 140 different outfits to choose from (5x4x7)
  • Cool outfits, for the ball we need you to place 8 dresses on the bed to choose from
  • Cinderella goes to the closet but discovers that Camila has locked the room.
  • Cinderella thinks of a plan to get the door open.
  • If there are 8 dresses, I can arrange them in 8! ways (40320). I think I should them by my least favourite to most favourable
  • Cinderella finally gets in the closet to find outfits.
  • The twins give Cinderella a new chore to do.
  • Cinderella organizes the eight dresses on the bed.
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