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Road to american Revolution Storyboard project
Updated: 10/19/2020
Road to american Revolution Storyboard project
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Storyboard Text

  • Navigation acts 1763
  • 1
  • did you hear that British only wants us to trade with them and nobody else .
  • yes indeed I did and it is outrages .
  • Stamp act March 22, 1765
  • 2
  • British tax everything like paper,legal documents and dice .
  • I know we should boycott and protest to show British.
  • Quartering act March 24, 1765
  • 3
  • It is outrages that British want us to provided for there soldiers
  • I know we need to feed them and have bedding for them too
  • 4
  • A: The British wanted to increase their revenue money takin in. B: The colonist could only trade with Britain cause Britain made it illegal to trade with anyone else.
  • Boston massacre March 5 1770
  • you tax everything
  • we have no representation
  • FIRE
  • A: The stamp act put a tax on newspaper, dice, legal documents, and playing cards. B: The colonist reacted to this by boycotting and protesting and were angry about ¨taxation without representation.
  • intolerable/coercive of June 2, 1774
  • 5
  • British literally wants to control us
  • we should just leave
  • 6
  • A: There was a lot of British soldiers from the Indian and French war.B: the colonist needed to provide was housing, food, bedding, and transportation for the British soldiers .
  • 2nd continental congress May 10 1775
  • I´m your new general
  • A: A fight broke out between angry colonists and soldiers. B: The colonist reacted by using propaganda by colonists to turn people against the British.
  • A: England punished Boston for the tea party, closed the port of Boston, limited self-government, expanded the quartering act.B: colonists were mad about these acts .
  • A: 2nd meeting of delegates in Pa. 3 important resolution was made, drafted and adopted the declaration of independence, articles of the confederation, declared George Washington general of the continental army .B colonists were angry about the intolerable/coercive acts.
  • I´m done with the intolerable acts
  • we should adopted the articles of confederation.
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