The Boston Tea Party
Updated: 5/8/2020
The Boston Tea Party

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  • Tea Tea Tea Tea Tea Tea Tea
  • I'd rather buy smuggled tea!
  • The Boston Tea Party is one of the U.S.' most famous protests. It played a major part in the formation of America as an independent country, since it led to the Continental Congress being established and the Revolutionary War. But how did it happen?
  • Well, It began in 1773, when Parliament passed the Tea Act to help out the East India Company, who was in financial crisis due to its declining sales and taxes.
  • This act, along with the previous Townshend Acts, which had resulted in colonists protesting against unfair taxes and made them abstain from drinking British tea, made colonists very angry that they had to pay duties despite not having representatives to consent it.
  • This sucks!
  • Taxation Without Representation!
  • In September & October 1773, 7 ships carrying nearly 600,000 pounds of East India tea were sent to the colonies. While those ships were en route, colonists who opposed the tax programs, known as Whigs or Sons of Liberty, learned about the Tea Act and began protest movements against it.
  • But the protests were not actually about the high taxes, because the Tea Act had actually reduced it. But it was about other issues such as "Taxation without Representation" and Parliament having complete control over the colonies.
  • Ultimately though, the colonists succeeded in compelling the tea consignees to resign.
  • We have the colonies right in the palm of our hands!
  • But not all was done yet. Whig leader Samuel Adams held a meeting in November 1773 to discuss about the Dartmouth, the only tea carrying ship that wasn't returning to England. Adams came to the conclusion that the tea had to be prevented from being unloaded.
  • Tea
  • Tea
  • But Gov. Hutchinson, who refused for Dartmouth to leave without paying the duty, insisted on keeping them. So Adams decided to stop it with a "tea party". On December 16th, 1773 over 100 whigs wearing Mohawk costumes boarded the ship and dumped crates of tea into the water.
  • It would be a protest that singlehandedly shaped America's fate to be a country. The end