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Updated: 10/17/2018
Unknown Story
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  • Lust
  • No Abby never again!
  • I want you John!!
  • greed 
  • Give me your land!!!
  • No, you cant take it!!
  • pride
  • Should I side with what I know is right, or what the town wants me to do?
  • In this scene Abigail and John meet in the woods to discuss, he tells her that he does not want her anymore and he wants his wife, she is lustful and she wants proctor, and will not leave him alone, even when he asks.
  • revenge
  • Im gonna tell the whole town you are a witch goody proctor
  • No Elizabeth!!
  • In this scene Thomas Putnam was being greedy, he tried to take many peoples land. In this however he is battling to take Giles Coreys land because he wants it for himself.
  • lies
  • Goody Proctor is a witch
  • Goody Osburne is a witch
  • YES!!
  • In this scene Paris is battling with himself over pride, pride is pretty much the only thing the reverend cares about, he only cares of himself and how he reflects to the town. He did not want to side with the Proctors because he felt the town would turn on him and he would get no money. 
  • reputation
  • No, Judge that will ruin my reputation!!
  • Mr. Proctor I will hang this confession on the door of the church
  • In this scene the person seeking revenge was Abigail on Elizabeth, she wanted Elizabeth to die because she wanted Proctor all to herself and she did not want them together, so she seeks revenge by trying to call Elizabeth a witch in front on the town.
  • In this scene Abby and the other girls come up with many lies to try and tell the town that some of the people in it are involved in witchcraft.
  • In this scene John would not let the Judges hang his name on the door of the church so that the whole town would see that he confessed to have done witchcraft in the town. He rips the paper he signed so that his reputation is not ruined.
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