shelia meets john
Updated: 1/19/2021
shelia meets john

Storyboard Text

  • my name is john you look nice
  • thank you you look nice to and my name is sheila
  • hum
  • no one likes you everyone thinks your ungly
  • sheila meets john
  • you are not nice at all
  • sheila goes home and she looks up everything about john and she finds something interesting
  • hum looks like I have to tell him the truth
  • what do you mean something bad about me
  • what do you mean we can´t be together
  • well that was back in my old days
  • well looks like your back so would like to go to anywhere
  • john use to be a an old apartment cleaner
  • bye women
  • I´m done with you iḿ leaving goodbye
  • no because I don't think I should be with you
  • well when I searched you up I found something bad about you
  • well I saw that you use to be an old apartment cleaner and you did not like ladies
  • he did not like ladies
  • she did not lie what she saw about him
  • sheila meets john at the place where they meat
  • I don't care you ugly women
  • well it not nice