Science project
Updated: 2/16/2021
Science project

Storyboard Text

  • Mr. Rock came out of the volcano turning into an Igneous Rock. He turned into an igneous rock because magma cooled down and hardens.
  • Hi, my name is Mr. Rock and today I'm going to show you my rock cycle.
  • The snow doesn't affect the rock but the rocks get eroded to a river. It is white because of the snow. It still stays Igneous
  • My color just changed because of the snow.
  • Oh look, its snowing that wont do anything to me, I stay Igneous.
  • The rock has gotten eroded moving it from one place to another. The rock has also got weathered turning him into the sediment.
  • The ice melted carrying me through a river. I am sediemtray.
  • I'm back to black because the water washed off the snow.
  • Silt deposited onto the shore. This combines with the rocks sediment making him a sedimentary rock which he was already.
  • I stay sedimentary.
  • Sand gets deposited on the shore which combines with the rock which made the rock stay a sedimentary rock but the rock looks different.
  • I stay sedimentary
  • Rocks break down which makes the rock cement with them making me stay sedimentary. Now the rock looks more different.
  • I am still a sedimentary rock.