bacon's rebellion

Updated: 10/1/2021
bacon's rebellion

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  • The two areas people can live in that this storyboard is about are the Tidewater region, and the west frontier part of virginia. The Tidewater region is mostly for the people who have money, and poor people get to go to the west frontier. The poor people feel that they aren't noticed, cared for, and feel that they are neglected by everyone.
  • Governor Berkeley decides to take away voting rights from the poor people, and they are furious. They raid numerous Native tribes lead by their leader Nathaniel Bacon, and Governor Berkeley declares them as rebels. Bacon had a job in Jamestown, but was eventually kicked out by Berkeley. Bacon was furious and collected more rebels throughout virginia and destroyed Jamestown
  • Later, Bacon died of dysentery, and the rebels fell apart without their leader. When news traveled to England, King Charles II sent an English Naval Squadron and with Berkeley, they defeated the rest of the rebellions. Then, there were new laws that descendants of Africa were to be enslaved people to the land owners in Virginia.