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Updated: 2/15/2020
Unknown Story

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  • General Andrew Jackson and The US Army
  • Andrew Jackson Arrives in New Orleans
  • Stand your battle grounds , defend this city at all costs.
  • Martial Law Gets Enforced
  • Brilliant idea, bravo.
  • I pass a law called Martial,that all the town people give us their weapons for the battle.
  • Andrew Jackson was a general of the army for the United States of America.He led the army to an unnecessary battle in the New Orleans.
  • British are coming
  • Andrew Jackson rushes over to New Orleans to defend it from the British.Andrew knew he had to fight off the British and to get a little revenge.He had spent some time as their prisoner during the Revolutionary War.
  • Andrew Jackson Battle of New Orleans
  • Not over my dead body losers!
  • Your going down pigs!
  • Andrew Jackson passes a law called martial.All of the towns people will give Jackson their weapons so they don't run out of guns and ammunition.
  • News that the battle was not necessary.
  • Wait what, so you mean to tell me we didn't have to fight.
  • You guys do realize that the peace treaty between this war was from 2 weeks ago right.Why are you still fighting?
  • Andrew Jackson and his men are preparing for the oncoming British pigs.They are lined up at lake Borgne waiting to attack the British.
  • Be ready men they will be here anytime.
  • Andrew Jackson and the US army are about to fight the Battle of New Orleans.The battle lasted for 2 hours until the US army defended off the British.The British army lost over 2000 men while the US army only lost under 100 men.
  • The peace treaty letter finally came in because of the backed up mail from Europe so the Whole battle of New Orleans was not necessary.
  • He dead