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Updated: 1/24/2020
Comic script
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  • There is no doubt that I am the best at basketball, everyone at this school is trash!
  • I am the best at basketball now!
  • I am a lot better than you I have been the best forever nobody has ever beat me in my whole life!
  • Do you really thing you are better than me I have been playing basketball sence I was 3.
  • Liam James is a very good basketball player that could make someone fall and knock down the shot better than anyone at the age of 11 years old, no doubt about it he was the best
  • But one day at Red Lion High School,a new kid named Giannis Kelly was inside practicing his shots,layups and his moves.He was a very well taught basketball player,he up for the challenge of deciding best basketball player in Red Lion Area School District.
  • One day they met up and were arguing all recess and finally when they lined up to go back inside they showed that at that moment it was on,they were playing a one vs. one and whoever one was the best in Red Lion Area School District.
  • So two days later they started the 1 v. 1 and it started off as a close game and it was going to take a lot of effort. And the two of them had it.
  • But at the end with 12 seconds going down the court Gannis Kelly was trailing by 1, he dribbled down the court he drived in for a layup 3...2...1... it want in Gannis Kelly was the best in school history!
  • Gannis was the best in school history now and forever known!
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