Updated: 2/18/2019

Storyboard Text

  • A long time time ago in Lanao, there was no lake. They had a mightly sultanate named, Mantapoli. The world was divided into two regions, the East (Mantapoli's) and the West. His population was getting bigger. With this, the equilibrium between to regions got broken.
  • The disequilibrium came to the attention of Angel Gabriel, so he told Sohara about it. He also suggested carrying the east and putting it at the center of the Earth to avoid the disequilibrium, and Sohara liked his suggestion, and asked the angels to go the the East, and bring it to the center of the world.
  • The angels flew to the East, and lifted Mantapoli. They brought it down at the center. Now, the world is balanced, but the place where they carried the East became a huge basin of deep, blue water. The water was rising higher and higher.
  • The angels told Sohara about it, so he called the Four Winds of the World to make them blow and make an outlet for the overflowing waters.
  • The four winds blew and blew and a turbulence swept the whole eastern half of the Earth. The surging waters rolled towards the shores of Tilok Bay to the southerneast direction, but no outlet could be cut through the mountain barrier. They tried doing it thrice, and for the third time, they succeeded. The outlet is now called Agus River.
  • After what happened, there was a high cliff at the outlet, and over the cliff the waters cascaded in majestic volume. Thus, arose the beautiful falls which, aeons later, was named Maria Cristina.