Kaels comic pear presure
Updated: 2/8/2021
Kaels comic pear presure

Storyboard Description

yea thing for clas

Storyboard Text

  • Want to go bully some kids?
  • That's not nice to do
  • Don't be party pooper
  • Yes
  • WHy ;-;
  • Hahahahaha
  • Your a poopy head
  • Kyle, never say "XD" near me ever again
  • Hahahhahha that was so fun XD
  • We shouldn't have done that
  • Don't worry, I get away with this stuff all the time
  • What are you worried we will get in trouble
  • Later...
  • I'll go talk to them
  • They called me a poopy head
  • Jack, Kyle, and Ava come down to the office
  • oh heck
  • I'm going to have you guys call your parents for bullying kids
  • And yall are kicked off the band