Energy Comic Libby A.

Updated: 1/16/2019
Energy Comic Libby A.

Storyboard Text

  • I just read in the paper that burning coal is bad for the Earth.
  • That's why we need to start using solar power!
  • Yeah! It generates billions of economic activity and is expected to grow more over a couple years.
  • Did you know that solar power is becoming more common
  • Oh yeah it can! The sun reaches all over the Earth’s surface.
  • Solar energy can be used all around the world.
  • Solar power can be used in different ways, like heat inside homes.
  • Since the energy comes from the sun the radiation can be converted into different ways.
  • I wish I could afford solar panels 
  • But a lot of people can't afford to put panels on their house
  • True but, in the last couple years the price of solar panels has gone down.
  • Solar panels are the best option, they don’t have the negative impact that fossil fuels have.