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Updated: 12/20/2019
Unknown Story
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  • Presidential reconstruction
  • the main idea of the presidential reconstruction is the Abraham Lincoln was assassinated and Andrew Jackson became president after he was elected African Americans cant manage there own lives.
  • black codes
  • Andrew Johnson wanted the state governments to decide ether how the African Americans will be treated and the black codes the freemen and the people who supported the amendments.
  • Radical recostruction
  • The radical reconstruction believed that African Americans are equal as whites.
  • The reconstruction plan was to assassinate Abraham Lincoln and next plan is that Andrew Jackson gets elected to change some rights.
  • White league & K K K
  • The black codes was for not just African Americans but freemen had to suffer, black codes was for African Americans and the people who supported the amendments.
  • Freedman's bureau
  • The freemen bureau works independently to free slaves but not only that they also protect there rights and support the amendments.
  • The radicals made a law to protect African American rights also they began working on the civil rights bill and more.
  • Compromise of 1877
  • The freemen was effected by the KKK because the freemen was being targeted by them due to them supporting the African American rights.
  • The KKK had no punishment even though they killed people that terrarised people.
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