French Revolution
Updated: 8/16/2019
French Revolution

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  • Tennis Court Oath
  • Let's stick together!
  • Storming the Bastille
  • Where are the weapons ?
  • Guilty! Off with your heads!
  • The End of the French Monarchy
  • The Third Estate names themselves the National Assembly. They are forced out of the Estates General. They meet at a nearby tennis court and promise to stick together.
  • The Beginning of the Napoleonic Era
  • We are now the 5 man Directory.
  • Parisians assemble outside the Bastille to get weapons they believed were stocked there but did not find any.
  • Napoleon's Rise to Power
  • The new government put Louis XVI on trial as a traitor to France. He and Marie Antoinette were both executed.
  • Napoleon Declares Himself Emperor
  • The Napoleonic Era consisted of the new 5 man Directory.
  • After getting political power from the Directory, Napoleon over threw the Directory and took the title as the First Consul.
  • I'm becoming more and more powerful everyday!
  • Napoleon held a plebicite through his rise to get people's approval because he knew the people hated a monarchy.
  • I am your ruler!
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