Updated: 6/15/2020

Storyboard Text

  • Maybe if we didn't go to this segregated school, we might have a better prom
  • this is my school. It's not that diverse but its okay.
  • i got a scholarship despite going to this segregated school
  • I got accepted into an elite middles school! The teachers and everyone are awesome!
  • welcome to my class! I may not have the most plentiful resources, but I still try
  • its not the best playground, but its still fun. It's all we have
  • i wish we had a better and bigger playground like the bigger and better schools.
  • ms. M is a great teacher!
  • sometimes I wish the school could give us more and better things.
  • my friends don't do their homework. i don't know how they'll pass.
  • I go here to study. We have so many resources here, unlike the segregated schools
  • some kids just slack off here. They don't try and don't care if they fail
  • our school has the highest curriculums., its a top school
  • the school is all white people
  • our school has an abundance of technology. Segregated schools need to get their own, we don't even have to pay
  • our park is way better than those broken down ones in those segregated schools. Ours are new and clean.
  • you can access anything here, but everyone uses them to play video games instead
  • its so fun here!