Genghis Kahn
Updated: 12/17/2019
Genghis Kahn
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  • Ghengis Khan was a mongol leader who had planned to unite all the mongol tribes and conquer all of china. He was one of the greatest warlords in history
  • Genghis was born in 1162 AD he had a blood clot on his hand which signified that he would be a great ruler. when genghis was nine his father was killed by poisoning. after his father died he fought and killed his half brother gaining heritage to the throne
  • Ghengis made his fighting unit and decided that he should unite all the tribes. the fighting force swelled to 20000 soldiers his army even incluuded some spies that could act as assasins when needed.
  • Ghengis had finally gained the title of kahn or "Universal Ruler" and he was destined to rule the world.
  • Ghengis had many important acheivments mail service, 200,000 men army, and he gave tax exemptions to religous organizations.
  • Ghengis died in 1227 AD scientist this day are unsure of how he died. his grave was placed in a secret place they may have even diverted a river to hide it.
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