Social Distancing

Updated: 5/19/2020
Social Distancing

Storyboard Text

  • Sorry I can't hang we have to be 6ft apart because of this virus.
  • Do you want to hang out with me today?
  • Yea sorry about that I wish I could but i'm not trying to get this virus and make this pandemic worse and larger.
  • It's ok totally reasonable I will just go back inside.
  • They both want to hang out but a virus has been spreading and have to be a minimum of 6ft apart.
  • The main character is really sad that he can't play with his friend because they have to be quarantined. The main character then proceeds to go to the pharmacy with gloves and mask.
  • The main character is still proceeding to the pharmacy he only needs to take a left then cross the street to go by Advil medicine for his sick Grandma. Sadly she has the Corona Virus and the main character will do whatever he can to help stay alive and healthy.
  • Thank you My son! May God Bless You.
  • Here you go Grandma! This is the medicine that you asked me to go get for u hope you feel way better so i can have the old you back.
  • The main character has arrived at the pharmacy and is going inside to get his Grandma's medicine.
  • The main character has just arrived back home and is very happy and excited to give his Grandma her medicine that will make her feel better.
  • The main character has finally delivered his Grandma's medicine and they are both happy. After his Grandma toke some of the pills she became way better than she used to and eventually got cleared of the Corona Virus!