Updated: 1/5/2020
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  • Presidential Reconstruction
  • Your free but you still have to work there are no laws saying I can't do that.
  • During the Presidential Reconstruction Andrew Johnson became president . He believed the South could enforce any rule against African Americans because he believe they shouldn't have rights.
  • Black Codes
  • You boys better be going back to your quarters or you know your going to suffer some consequences.
  • Plantation owners enforced the black codes on their former slaves.
  • Radical Reconstruction
  • Cast votes here!
  • You can't touch us
  • I'll show these negroes something
  • This makes me sick.
  • It's our right to vote . You can't take that away.
  • You can't vote your black, I don't care about this Reconstruction .If you don't leave I'll make you.
  • The whites hated this so much it, sometimes it would turn violent.
  • One of the main points of the Presidential Reconstruction was to let the Southern states return to the Union on their own without any punishment . The second main point of the Presidential Reconstruction was letting the South enforce rules on African Americans because he didn't believe in Africans having rights.
  • White League & KKK
  • The black codes were a set of rules that basically turned African American back into slaves.They had no freedom and had to follow rules that took their rights away. This affected African Americans by stripping their freedom and rights away.
  • Freedmen's Bureau
  • One main point of the Radical Reconstruction was to punish the South for starting the Civil War. The second main point of the Radical Reconstruction was to give African Americans citizenship and the same rights as a white man.
  • Compromise of 1877
  • No more Reconstruction to protect you. You are not allowed in here because we don't want you here.
  • The KKK is seen here murdering a man's family ,leaving them with a scar for life.
  • The white league and KKK were a group of white men who didn't support the Radical Reconstruction. They used violence against many African Americans who were using their rights. They would sometimes murder them. This affected the freedmen because they were also a target and they were killing African Americans.
  • The Freedmen's Bureau provided help for the old and sick. It also provided African American with resources they didn't have. The effect it had on former slave was it was it helped them get back on their feet after they were free.
  • You can see many African Americans standing in line waiting for supplies.
  • The Compromise of 1877 was to end Reconstruction and let African Americans manage on their own. This was called the "corrupt bargain" because it wasn't fair for everyone. This affected the United States by the South could now do whatever they wanted to African Americans to do.
  • This here is the South doing whatever they want.
  • If you try to pass, I will use violence.
  • You can't be here . Sorry not sorry.
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