Bill of rights
Updated: 2/6/2021
Bill of rights

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  • Look. all I'm saying is i think the first amendment is the most important 
  • alright bro, we'll see i think its the 5th Amendment is the important...
  • hey Mr. Johnson can you please tell Mike why the first amendment is the most important. Because the first amendment talks about freedom of religion speech etc. you have the freedom to do things anything you want
  • yes they are both are important. they both are very powerful laws and they both help the society both by keeping everyone safe but willing having a say so
  • Noo...No the 5th amendment is the important because its no capital crime except when charges by grand jury, and no double jeopardy;no witness against self
  • yea i agree with Bryson even though criminal justice is VERY important freedom is also important
  • i totally agree with mike the 5th amendment creates number of rights relevant to both criminal and civil legal proceedings