Updated: 1/13/2021

Storyboard Text

  • This is a public service announcement about the racism still going on in our present modern day era. Education is key and changing our mind set starts with you.
  • Racism is seen everywhere in our everyday lives but we don't see it all the time or do we and just turn a blind eye to it because we are afraid to face the facts
  • Many different people are racist towards other people but the most obvious of them all are the way Black people are treated by police
  • Be sure love everyone equally
  • I am very lucky not to have this type of hate in my heart but I was taught to love everyone equally no matter of race or gender
  • Now, I have a mixed brother who I love more then any other person I know and a step-father who is Black and to be an important part in my life to understand what he goes through in his everyday life
  • One day, I do believe a change will come it may not be today. Let's remember all people have a soul, we are connected by God and not the color of our skin. You learn to love and you learn to hate but if we start to love everyone we will have a better tomorrow.
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