To Kill A Mockingbird
Updated: 4/1/2021
To Kill A Mockingbird

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  • Thank you sir
  • I will try to give all the evidence that I can to prove to the jury that you are not guilty.
  • Mayella has bruises on the right side of her face and finger marks all around her neck.
  • What side of the face was Mayella hit on?
  • You are left handed, correct?
  • Yes
  • Bob Ewell
  • Tom Robinson came by and I asked him to chop up kindlin. When I went inside to pay him, He got ontop of me. I then screamed for help.
  • "Or you didn't scream unnil your father saw you in the window."
  • Mayella always had me come over to help her. Ive never been paid. One day Mayella brought me inside and tried to kiss me. Then Mr.Ewell came in and i was able to run away.
  • How could Tom even grab Mayella with only one arm?
  • Tom Robinson is Guilty for rape