EDUC 322
Updated: 2/22/2021
EDUC 322

Storyboard Text

  • Teacher Maryan, I have concerns to my sons's school performance.
  • Okay, sir. Please come inside.
  • Mr. De Guzman, with all due respect. Your son failed to submit some of the requirements he needed to pass.
  • My concern is that, I saw my son's grade in your subject and I saw that he failed your subject.
  • He failed to pass the research paper that needed to pass last month.
  • Sometimes he does not attend my class, which I already informed you about that matter.
  • The son of Mr. De Guzman sadly Failed the class of Ms. Maryan. He talked with Ms. Maryan to be informed and address the issue. He is deeply concerned with his son's grade. Ms. Maryan understand the concern and it is her duty to welcome the parent.
  • I already informed him about his case that he may fail this subject. However, he seems didn't mind.
  • Mr. De Guzman stated his concern about his son's grade. Ms. Maryan started to explain why Mr. De Guzman's son failed her class with respect.
  • I can still give some adjustment. I will let him pass the requirement.
  • Ms. Maryan explains that his son lack of effort and did not do his task. She also explains that his son did not participate in her class.
  • Thank you for your kind consideration, Ma'am.
  • After stating the facts about the reason why his son failed her class, she opens a remedy to help her failed student.
  • Nevertheless, we can still do something about your son's grade.
  • However, she explained that even if she gives consideration she does not give him a perfect score in order to pass the subject, which would be unfair for the entire class.
  • However, I will not give him a perfect score. I will give him the score he deserve.
  • Parents' concern with their child's performance is also the concern of the teacher. That is why they are willing to help them.
  • You're welcome, Mr. De Guzman. I'm happy to help.