Updated: 2/14/2020

Storyboard Text

  • Prometheus Deceives Zeus
  • I hid all of the rich ox meat together with the ox's fatty inner parts within and beneath the animals foul-smelling stomach. 
  • Zeus' is Enraged
  • You have behaved recklessly, and your pride has blinded you to your consequences!
  • Prometheus Faces Consequences
  • Prometheus tricks Zeus by hiding the good parts of the meat inside of the Ox's foul-smelling stomach, so that he will take the bones instead of the rich meat, and his people will have food.
  • Zeus figures out that Prometheus has tricked him and becomes enraged, because he has been challenged. He warns that he will pay the price for his actions.
  • Prometheus faces his consequences for tricking Zeus. He is forced to be nailed to Mt, Caucasus, where a giant eagle will feast on his body daily, then be hurled into the dark underworld Tartarus, and he will have to face this suffering everyday for 30,000 years because he is immortal.