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Ancient World
Updated: 9/26/2019
Ancient World
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  • Paleolithic Age (Shelter)
  • I wish we didn't have to leave again. But oh well we need to go and hunt for more food.
  • Neolithic Age (Shelter)
  • Oh are finally done building are tent !!! Now we can do what ever we want.
  • Oh great!
  • Paleolithic Age (Tools)
  • Oh grate!!!
  • Oh look I finally finished the tool
  • Oh good lets go get him.
  • During the Paleolithic age they had to move from shelter to shelter to hunt, to follow the animals. If they did't move they would starve and die.
  • Paleolithic Age (Food)
  • During the neolithic age shelter was more permanent than in the paleolithic age because they developed farming so they did't have to move from shelter, to shelter.
  •  Neolithic Age (Food)
  • Yes you're right lets plant more food
  • Come we need to go and plant more food for tomorrow.
  • In the Palaeolithic age they had to build there own tools with rocks or stones.
  • Neolithic Age (Tools)
  • Oh good lets go try ir out.
  • Look I finally finished are tool this took me days. But I finanlly finished it.
  • In the Palaeolithic age they had to hunt for there own food because if they did't they would starve and not eat.
  • Hey I spotted are food come, come we need to go get it.
  • In the Neolithic age they developed farming so they could eat more healthy and eat more food 
  • In the Neolithic age they had new and advanced tools, than in the Paleolithic age.
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