Updated: 4/3/2021

Storyboard Text

  • Bulbus and his friend are in Latrons shop. They are playing dice and drinking wine. Bulbus owes his friend much money.
  • Latrons
  •  How unlucky! Not only girls, but you also lose money.
  • I am not taking care of the money, but I don’t want to lose my Vilbia.
  • How do you keep her? A Roman soldier, a man of the highest courage, desires her. Hey! I threw Venus! Innkeeper! I order you to bring more wine.
  • The soldier, who deceived her, is a lying and lazy person. Vilbia, having been deceived by him, now despises me. I often warned her, “don’t give in to a soldier, especially Romans”
  • However Vilbia, having caught sight of this Modestus, loved him at once. 
  • : Girl’s are not safe to go through the streets of this town. Such a great arrogance is this soldier. Hercules! You also are unlucky. You threw dog again. Another denarius you owe me.