role of thuder 1
Updated: 11/24/2020
role of thuder 1

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  • The books had offensive names in it. Little man wasn't okay with it, so he threw a fit. The teacher got mad and gave him a whooping.
  • We get these books you should be grateful!
  • This book has mean names. I dont want it!
  • The Logan kids were sick of the white kid's bus driving past being mean and splashing them everyday, so at their lunch break they went and dug holes in the road so it would crash. Then when school ended they quick went to the spot and watched them crash. They said it wouldn't be fixed for awhile so the white kids would be walking o school just like the black kids.
  • We got them!!!
  • ahhhhh
  • Mr. Morrison said someone was coming so big Ma was sitting in Cassie's room. When Cassie woke up her grandma wasn't there so she went and looked outside. No one was there. Then a car drove up. She got so scared and then she hid under the deck. He went to the wrong place and left. Cassie was so scared.
  • wrong house. ooops!
  • someones here i have to hide
  • T.J. had cheat notes. He saw the teacher, who was Stacey's mom, coming and he put the cheating notes on Stacey's desk. Then the blame for them got put on Stacey and he got a whooping from his own mom infront of the whole class. After school Stacey went and got revenge at the Wallace store by punching T.J and giving him a black eye. He wasn't suppposed to go to the Wallace store either.
  • you shouldn't have blamed me for the cheating
  • ouch! you gave me a black eye
  • we were here first. You should help us before them white people
  • The Logan kids got to go to Strawberry. Their mom left them and they went to a store. They were in the middle of checking out when a white girl came. They helped her fist. It made Cassie mad so she yelled at the guy in the store. He got mad and now she isn't allowed at the store until she learns not to do that.
  • stop talking
  • well they are more inportant that you black girl
  • Thank You!
  • The Logan's Uncle Hammer was going to take them to church. Stacey had a old coat on. Then Hammer saw it and gave him a new one. He said it was supposed to be a Christmas present, but he just gave it to him because he really need a new one.
  • Here is a new coat. I was going to give it to you for Christmas but here you go.