Updated: 7/30/2020

Storyboard Text

  • One evening, Aria and her mom watched the news about the pandemic.
  • Oh, my. COVID is really dangerous.
  • Don't worry, mom. I'll pray to God to protect us and disregard those hard-headed people
  • COVID - 19: Affecting the Whole World
  • Don't be like that, Aria. You should pray for everyone's safety, not only ours.
  • Why? It's their fault anyway.
  • Go to your room! Reflect on what you have just said.
  • Aria went up to her room.
  • Why is she mad at me? It's not my fault that people are hard-headed. They keep going outside their houses even though there is quarantine.
  • I'll just have to pray for myself. I'm sure God will hear my prayers because He loves me.
  • After she prayed, she went to sleep.
  • Dear God, please protect me from COVID-19. Disregard those hard-headed who continuously go outside their houses despite the lockdown and quarantine. Please love me more and give me a new phone. Thanks. Amen.