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Updated: 2/1/2021
Unknown Story

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  • Plymouth colony
  • What were they thinking that is fake Christianity.
  • I know right, They know nothing about true Christianity.
  • Massachusetts Bay
  • The king is stupid, he knows nothing about religion.
  • I here by declare that all Puritans travel to the new world to practice true Christianity.
  • Yaaa!!!!
  • Rhode Island
  • Get of our land now!!
  • Waaaa!!!!
  • Why.
  • I was one of the Separatists who found the Plymouth colony . The reason why we left England is because the church strayed from true Christianity so we left for Holland then we left to for Virginia but we were blown of the way to Virginia and we landed on Plymouth.
  • Connecticut
  • Leave now.
  •  The Puritans obtained a charter in 1629 for the MassachusettsBay Company which claimed land in New England. This grouphad wanted to make changes to the Church of England, angeringKing James and many leaders of the church. They jailed many ofthe Puritans. Once the Puritans were released, they chose toleave for New World.
  • New Hampshire
  • I shall go find a new settlement then.
  • The puritans were forced to leave because of the Native Americans so they left for Rhode island and went to Connecticut.
  • King Philip's War (Metacomet)
  • This is war.
  • Some of the Puritans were forced to leave because they wanted religious freedom so they went New Hampshire.
  • Some of the puritans kicked out who wanted freedom of religion so they left to New Hampshire to start a new.
  • 14 years after Massasoit died a new chief arose hisa new chief arose his name was Metacomet/king Philip 14 years after Massasoit death a new chief arose, his was Metacomet and there people were helping the English but soon they started to demand more resources because more and more and more British were coming, soon there was a war it was the bloodiest war in U.S history but the Metacomet and people won the war.