Burning of the Executive Mansion
Updated: 2/10/2020
Burning of the Executive Mansion

Storyboard Text

  • We are expecting King James today, go make him some food.
  • Ok Queen Dolley!
  • It says," The British are going to attack!"
  • On Wednesday August 24, 1814 America and England was in war.
  • Dolley Madison was waiting for James Madison to come back from the war and ordered the servants to make food for him.
  • Giddy up horse!
  • Dolley recieved a letter from James saying the British are about to attack.
  • Well that food was good, now let's burn this mansion.
  • He wrote that Dolley needed to get the important state papers, so she did, and instead of getting their personal belongings she got George Washington's full length portrait.
  • They agreed to go meet in the middle of a thunderstorm and travel to Maryland together, once Dolley left the English came and was confused about no one being at the mansion.
  • The English decided to just eat all of the food that the servants made for James before they burned down the mansion, sure enough after they ate they burned down the mansion.