SFine Period 7 Fank Movie Cast
Updated: 2/15/2020
SFine Period 7 Fank Movie Cast
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  • Clovis
  • It must be God. Look at the Sky!
  • We have won the battle
  • Franks
  • They are hiding in the trees. It looks as if there arent many.
  • I will only help you become king if you protect the church
  • As King Clovis won a famous battle he sees that God has blessed his victory with crosses in the sky. (These Crosses might be fictional, however it is unknown.)
  • Convert or DIE!
  • As Charles Martel orders his troops to hide in the trees, Abdul Rahman underestimates the amount of troops hiding.
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  • Roland
  • Frank
  • Muslim
  • Pepin, the mayor of the palace, wanted to become a king so to get the king to agree with him, he got the one person who could help Pepin become king. The Pope. But the Pope will only agree with him if he protects the church during battles
  • Who should I choose to become king.
  • ME!
  • As King Charlemagne was appointed by the Pope to spread Christianity through Europe, he started forcing people to convert with death as the civilians refusal.
  • As the Franks were losing a battle against the Muslims, the rear-guard Roland knows he must blow the horn for reinforcements even if it kills him.
  • As King Louis cannot decide who of his three children should choose to be king after he dies, his three kids all want to be king. King Louis ultimately splits the kingdom between his three sons.
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