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Updated: 9/11/2020
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  • keto, fasting, hmmmwhat next
  • Ok, dar melon și cârnați
  • Nu, niciodată!
  • mom
  • Hmm yes simple, but not really what I want
  • Îți cumpăr pepene verde cât mănânci
  • Bună mama vreau să plec în vacanță cu mine
  • Flavia want to try a new diet, she has bought lots of book on the subject and read none but she has seen a several interesting videos. Apparently the "blue zones" are the healthiest of places so Flavia has painted her apartment Blue. But Flavia has a big problem she already has a very healthy diet and lives in a blue zone ........ She has a plan
  • She will go on holiday . not to get healthy but to get unhealthy then the diet will have more effect. Mom has agreed to go with her, eventually, well Favia needed a taxi diver.
  • Flavia only has a few basic needs for the accommodation. there are just a few basic requirements. It has to be sunny but in the shade, there has to be a pool at 25.43C, there has to trees with correct shape of leaf and in the correct position with no mosquitoes, no humans except when Flavia wants something, the walls have to be the correct shade of white, there has to be a sea view, a mountain view, a forest view, a lake view.......
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