Communication Comic

Updated: 8/26/2020
Communication Comic

Storyboard Text

  • (Abbreviation)Today were are going to learn the shortened word on how to meditate.
  • GRRRRRR..... HOW DARE YOU!!!!!!
  • (Constructive criticism)Dear customer I understand your criticism of my workshop however I believe that you are mistaken because I have no idea what you are talking about.
  • (Brainstorming)My fellow representatives shall we think about a compromise to pass this new bill into law?
  • (Active)Yes Sensei Spruce I am considering to your suggestion.
  • So Kyle, am I going to be your sensei?
  • (Customer relations)Can I help you find something sir?
  • No thanks but thank you for asking
  • (Collaborator)Thanks for the help for adjusting and helping me on the presentation.
  • Hey we both needed each other so I consider this a win win for all of us.